Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold

Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold The American fashion house of Calvin Klein presents two new Euphoria perfumes that will nicely surprise its wearers due to a pleasant, soft, calm and spicy/floral aroma. Euphoria Amber Gold shows up as new flankers to the original Calvin Klein Euphoria launched in 2005. The new pair of fragrances are more than intoxicating, they are more luxurious, modern and stylish. I liked the original duets as they have soft, pleasant and easy aromas, yet not too prominent and long-lasting, hope the new editions will please wearer’s nose more longer.  The new duo are described by the fashion house as an ‘intoxicating revelation of sensual desire.’ These fragrances as if describe warm Arabian nights composed of precious amber notes. Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold is composed by perfumer Pascal Gaurin from IFF. Both fragrances will quickly impress wearers due to more stylish and luxurious scents sealed in attractive gold bottles.  Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold opens with fresh fruity notes of plum, mandarin along with floral notes of roses, orange flower, and iris. The base calms with sweet vanilla, sandalwood along with precious amber and labdanum. This sweet/woody balsamic fragrance will be a nice new summer […]
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