Giorgio Armani Code A-List Perfume

Giorgio Armani Code A-List When it comes to describing a perfume form the house of Giorgio Armani than no words needed as they speak by themselves. All Giorgio Armani perfumes are designed with attentive care to details, with high-end ingredients and simple, yet modern designs. Many Giorgio Armani perfumes find places on my perfumery shelf among other fragrances due to their sensual, daring, and stylish aromas. This summer, Code A-List by Giorgio Armani perfume shows up as a new weapon of seduction for men looking to always be in the center of attention.   “A seductive contemporary fragrance for men, limited edition Code A-List lets you take your place on an exclusive list: the ‘Armani-List’. Code A-List men’s fragrance has impeccable cultivated masculinity, a strong, naturally magnetic personality that attracts and comes alive as night falls.” via Giorgio Armani Code A-List is a limited edition perfume truly elegant, exquisite and mysterious one other side with a strong masculine aroma. My father used to have Armani Code for at least ten years, as he was too fond and mesmerized by the smell. The new edition promises a new modern approach and new feelings.   “The limited edition Code A-List fragrance is […]
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