Inside the Perfume Cabinet ~ Jana

To many of us — especially those in love with vintage fragrance — Jana has the dream job. She owns The Fragrance Vault in gorgeous Lake Tahoe. Besides selling what’s on the market today, she carries rare, discontinued and vintage fragrance, and estimates she has more than 8,000 bottles in stock. Marshmallow, her half-malamute rescue, greets visitors. Anytime she wants, she can sample from decades of Caron Bellodgia or sniff Shiseido Nombre Noir.

Jana says it took her a long time to discover perfume. She grew up poor, splitting her time between her mother’s home in Rhode Island and her father’s place on a Native American reservation. In her teens, she moved in with her Italian grandmother, who was “hard-working, formal and quite glamorous” and who had bottles of Chanel Coco and Diane Von Furstenberg Tatiana, among other fragrances, on her dresser…

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