Liushen Florida Water ~ fragrance review

I’ve been called a perfume snob. Sometimes that epithet is hurled my way as a knee-jerk reaction to a negative review of a mainstream / department store scent…or to a positive review of an expensive perfume that’s hard to find. Can’t win for losing! I am not a perfume snob; I always give inexpensive colognes a try (and occasionally buy). Though I visit supermarkets about as much as Bill Gates and Oprah (that’s what husbands are for, right?), last weekend I went to Seattle’s Eastside to the Asian Food Center to buy (strangely realistic) faux ham and bacon. See, I’m not a food snob either; these (more-expensive-than-the-real-thing!) products from Taiwan allow this Virginia boy to eat “ham” without guilt…or gagging. While in the market, I dropped into the toiletries aisle to see what was new from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, mainland China and Japan. I found something new: Liushen Florida Water from Shanghai.

Liushen Florida Water is NOT related to Murry & Lanman Florida Water

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