Lvnea Fern and Moss, Violet Woods, Frost Flowers & Tasseomancy ~ fragrance reviews

Every day I see more perfume-related promotions than I can possibly process, from social media posts to press release emails to advertisements in subway cars. Despite, or maybe because of, all this saturation, word-of-mouth remains a potent force. When a neighborhood acquaintance and fellow fragophile recommended Lvnea, even pulling a small box of sample vials out of her bag to show me, I made a mental note to check out this small indie brand.

Lvnea (pronounced “lou-nay-uh”) is based in MontrĂ©al and its owner, April Lea, studied perfumery with Charna Ethier of Providence Perfume Company. Like Providence Perfume, Lvnea specializes in natural fragrances. However, Lvnea’s aesthetic is quite distinctive: dark, moody, with touches of the Gothic and the occult. (Right up my alley, in other words…)

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