Nest Cocoa Woods ~ fragrance review

Reading the press announcement for Nest Cocoa Woods, I had one of those “time flies” moments. Cocoa Woods has been released to coincide with founder Laura Slatkin’s 25 year-anniversary in the fragrance industry and the 10-year anniversary of the Nest fragrance line. Yes indeed: Slatkin and her husband Harry launched Slatkin & Co. home fragrances in the early 90s, and Nest’s candles and other home and body items made their debut in 2008. I just can’t believe it’s been that long!

Nest’s “fine fragrance” collection started up in 2012 and currently includes twelve scents, by my count. Cocoa Woods, the newest addition, is described as a “woody-gourmand scent” with notes of cocoa, sequoia wood, white sandalwood, tiaré blossom and ginger. Like the rest of the line, it has a beautiful bottle with decoration inspired by eighteenth-century floral illustration and découpage. And it’s really the packaging that keeps me coming back to this line, because I’m still looking for a Nest fragrance to love…

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