Simmering over the years

Some ideas for perfumes come to [Dawn Spencer] Hurwitz as fast, middle-of-the-night flames of inspiration, but others start as sparks, simmering over the years as she thinks about the themes she wants to explore. For her recently-released scent Onycha, she began looking for materials in 1993. She had found many scents with the label of Onycha, named for a fragrance mentioned in Middle Eastern texts, Calvinistic texts and the Bible. [...] So she set off in search for the perfect mix that balanced ancient aromas of musk, smoky smells of incense and oceanic odors of a pleasant-smelling shellfish. After years of formulating the perfume in her head, she finally released the scent in 2015, more than 20 years after the idea first came to her.

— Read more at Making scents: How Boulder-based perfume artist Dawn Spencer Hurwitz crafts fragrances at Boulder Weekly.

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