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Vanessa wants our help finding her perfect perfume. For years she wore and loved Avon Soft Musk, but they no longer sell it in the US, and the last time Avon released it here as a limited edition, it did not smell the same to her. Vanessa is on a budget and wouldn’t pay more than $40; she’s willing to shop online and has local access to Walgreens, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart, K Mart, TJ Maxx, JC Penny and Dillard’s.

Here is what we know about Vanessa:

Vanessa is in her early 30s and lives in Tennessee.

She works as an adjunct guitar teacher, and teaches in a tiny lesson room in a music store so she can’t wear extremely strong scents.

Vanessa likes patchouli but finds that those around her do not…

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