Tuesday scent of the day 5/15

It’s Tuesday and it’s the International Day of Families. What fragrance are you wearing?

I’m skipping teapots this week (although I am drinking a cup of Kenilworth Ceylon) to highlight a sort of “outdoor museum”: the Stuart Collection of public art at The University of California, San Diego. It includes a fantastic sculpture by Niki de Saint Phalle that has become a sort of mascot for the school, but Terry Allen’s trees were what I found most captivating while I was there as a student. They’re eucalyptus trees that had been cut down to make room for new construction, and Allen encased them in creosote and small squares of lead, then fitted them with audio speakers so they would talk to you (or sing to you) as you were walking across the campus. To match, I’m wearing the fragrance that has always called up my time in San Diego: Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu.

Reminder: on 5/18 we’re celebrating Museum Day…

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