Two peppermint stick chocolate bars ~ (not perfume) reviews

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It’s been ages since we’ve talked about chocolate here — just about two years ago I reviewed a handful of bars, and then nothing since. I’ve gone right on eating chocolate, nearly every day. This month I’ve been working my way through several winter-themed bars, including the two peppermint stick bars under consideration today. For regular, non-candy-cane peppermint + chocolate, my favorites are usually Dolfin Noir Aux Feuilles de Menthe, which I nearly never get my hands on, or Divine’s Mint Dark Chocolate, my “everyday” chocolate mint. Madecasse’s Peppermint, which they have reissued as a limited edition again this year, is also quite good (and I am still trying to find a bar of their other holiday flavor for 2015, Orange Cranberry).

But today, we’re doing peppermint sticks…

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