Wine in hand

Since opening in early March, Wax & Wine has hosted two bridal showers and a few birthday and just-because gatherings. You can walk in and  make a candle, or you can rent out the back room for a party. It costs $30 to make one eight-ounce candle ($45 for two and $50 for three),  about the same it costs to buy a 14-ounce Yankee Candle.

On a recent evening, 12 women in their late 20s and early 30s arrived at Wax & Wine, wearing long coats, long hair, and with wine in hand.

— Anyone else remember those DIY fragrance blending bars at Garden Botanika? (I think they all closed in 2001.) What they were missing was wine. Read more about the DIY candles at Philadelphia's Wax & Wine in How your nose might lead you to your next girl's night out.

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