5 perfumes ~ vanilla fragrances for summer

I should have written this post weeks ago, when we had a brief period of glorious summer weather. Other than that, it’s been a rather odd summer, weather-wise, after a rather odd spring. At the moment, we’re having the usual heat and humidity you’d expect in August, but far more gray, gloomy days than usual for this time of year, and we seem to be on a daily thunderstorm schedule. But onward and upward: this is the last of my seasonal vanilla posts, since I’ve already done fall, winter and spring. As always, do chime in with your own picks in the comments!

Diptyque Eau Duelle: The vanilla martini top notes are perfect, and even though I don’t love the dry down (a quiet hum of tea and spice) quite as well, Eau Duelle would be my first choice for a vanilla that can take the heat of high summer…

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