ESXENCE 2018 Premiere: I Profumi di d’Annunzio Il Fuoco and Notturno

The Italian house launched last year under the Mavive Italia license, I PROFUMI D D'ANNUNZIO, presented two new fragrances at the Esxence 2018 artistic exhibition in Milan. Il Fuoco is characterized as an oriental-woody fragrance with accentuated rum, cognac and tobacco notes while Notturno features a woody-floral-musky structure, accentuating aromatic lavender and neroli. As Mavive explain...
Read full article: ESXENCE 2018 Premiere: I Profumi di d'Annunzio Il Fuoco and Notturno from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.

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Online fragrance shopping

New at aedes: Memo Tamarindo.

New at barneys: selected DS & Durga.

New at beautyhabit: selected Nishane, Juliette Has A Gun Moscow Mule, Solinotes line, Memo Tamarindo.

New at macys: Vince Camuto Smoked Oud.

New at nordstrom: Mugler Alien Flora Futura, Valentino Donna Rosa Verde, Atelier Cologne Iris Rebelle.

New at selfridges (UK): Byredo Elevator Music.

New at thebay (CA): Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours.

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Chanel – Les Eaux De Chanel

Chanel launches Les Eaux De Chanel, a new line of three Eaux de Toilette that will be sold exclusively at Chanel boutiques and the Chanel website starting May 2018. The collection is named after travel routes and the ties between Gabriel Chanel and certain cities during her career, offering "a sense of freshness that is as emotional as the memory of a journey". The creations are all signed by per...
Read full article: Chanel - Les Eaux De Chanel from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.

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The daily lemming

Thé Matcha lip balm, with green tea, citrus and white flowers, on mark down at Urban Outfitters for $4.

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Jimmy Choo Fever ~ new perfume

Jimmy Choo will launch Jimmy Choo Fever, a new fragrance for women, in August. Jimmy Choo Fever is a flanker to the 2011 eponymous Jimmy Choo fragrance

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Tuesday scent of the day 4/24

It’s Tuesday, and Pig In A Blanket Day. What fragrance are you wearing?

I’m drinking a cup of Kusmi Troika, and my fragrance is Le Labo Lys 41.

Reminder: 4/27 will be Next Generation Friday…

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Olfactory enrichment worked

The researchers discovered that olfactory enrichment worked. Dogs often are stressed when they are held in rescue shelters, and they discovered that vanilla, valerian, coconut, and ginger reduced activity and vocalizations (barking and whining) and coconut and ginger increased sleep. Dr. Todd notes that these odors have been found to be beneficial for wombats, sea-lions, Javan gibbons, cats, and rats.

— Read more at Dogs' Noses in the News: Scents Reduce Stress in Shelters at Psychology Today.

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Prada Infusion Mandarine Perfume

Prada Infusion Mandarine The fashion house of Prada launches a new summer and refreshing perfume for women Infusion Mandarine. As the name of the perfume inspires, it is a citrusy explosion of aromatic mandarins and delicate citrusy fruits. Prada Infusion Mandarine will be a new summer sensational perfume composed by famous perfumer Daniela-Roche-Andre. She, the perfumer, made a novelty for Prada from sunny mandarin and mandarin leaves, bitter orange, neroli and orange blossom. Prada Infusion Mandarine promises to be elegant, romantic and very feminine with a classic design that comes all Prada Infusion Perfumes. It is available in 100ml Eau de Parfum.     
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Issey Miyake L’Eau Super Majeure d’Issey Perfume

Issey Miyake L’Eau Super Majeure d’Issey Issey Miyake surprises men with a new refreshing and daily fragrance inspired by the sea, L’Eau Super Majeure d’Issey. Daily a lot of fragrances are introduced, but the most sold and popular are those that are fresh, revitalizing and easy to wear. I adore when my man smells pure, clean and fresh – this makes me inhale his aroma constantly when I am next to him. The new perfume from Issey Miyake promises to impress with its salty/woody aroma and to be a hit aroma this summer.    L’Eau Super Majeure d’Issey is described as: “A new fragrance taking its inspiration from water, as a masculine symbol of strength and movement. Water, in a major key. The evocation of a salty wood. Designed by water. The fragrance opens with notes of bergamot blended with fresh grapefruit and crisp salty sea wind. The base features woody accords softened with velvet cashmere notes.” via Issey Miyake L’Eau Super Majeure d’Issey comes in a simple massive crystal bottle adorned with a silver cap, yet simplicity is always the best option to create a minimalist look with an aroma to be remembered. Issey Miyake L’Eau Super Majeure d’Issey […]
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Paco Rabanne Million Lucky Perfume

Paco Rabanne Million Lucky Perfume Million by Paco Rabanne is a manly-man fragrance adored by almost all men. I know a lot of men who simply wearing this fragrance, especially on occasions as it has a long-lasting, truly intense, and sensational aroma. Generally speaking, Paco Rabanne launches strong and intense perfumes and it makes a wearer get lots of compliments whenever put it on. This year, Paco Rabanne launches a new successful edition of its famous Million Collection, Paco Rabanne Million Lucky Perfumes. First Million Perfumes were introduced exactly 10 years ago and since then it only gets million of compliments and praise.   Paco Rabanne Million Lucky for Men is described as a fresh, radiant and vibrant fragrance – a terrific stand-alone scent. It comes in a softer version due to honey note that will indulge a wearer along with hazelnut, jasmine, cedar along with fresh plum and grapefruit notes. The base calms on a woody layer made of vetiver, oakmoss, and vetiver. The bottle preserves the same shape as the original one, yet covered in silver thus inspiring a more light, modern, stylish fragrance for daily use.     Paco Rabanne Million Lucky is available in 50 and […]
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