Prism Parfums Moon Drops ~ fragrance review

Prism Parfums Moon Drops Eau de Parfum

They say that smelling a fragrance you associate with someone practically summons her spectre. With that in mind, I waited impatiently for Moon Drops to show up in my mailbox. My beloved grandmother wore Moon Drops. Over the years I’ve smelled fragrances that brought her back — Miller Harris La Pluie was one — but I was never sure. Was it Moon Drops I was smelling or simply nostalgia? And if I did smell Moon Drops, would Grandma return in all her glorious polyester-clad, pickle-making, sweet-tempered, stubborn glory?

Revlon Moon Drops came out in 19701 and eventually dropped off the market. Prism Parfums relaunched Moon Drops this year in both Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum. This review is of the Eau de Parfum. (Prism Parfums also resurrected a few other discontinued fragrances, including the floral leather Geminesse, which I’ll review soon.) Prism Parfums lists the notes of Moon Drops as including lily of the valley, ylang ylang, balsamic notes, woods, jasmine, and “honeyed ripe fruit…”

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